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WELCOME TO MY ASH MISTY AND BROCK SOUNDS!!!! this a newly opened page because i just figured out that I don't actually have one till now. Anyways, Enjoy!


victory.wav: Ash wins his RED Volcano badge, and yells his victory yell
facefulloffire.wav: ash says" charizard return- YAHHGGH! " then Misty and Brock go " uggh"
squabble.wav: misty says " gee what was i so mad about anyway" brock says " cause he completely destroyed your" ash " WAHAHAHHA! thats ancient history lets go to viridian city la la la la la
squabble2.wav: ash and misty yell at each other while walking away from the cerulian city gym. then at the end brock says " oh brother"
manlyman.wav: ask and brock say stuff about how kids day should be only for men.....real men.....real tough men....BAM!
mistymeowth.wav: misty does her impression of meowth
bighead.wav: misty " he's getting a big head " brock " yeah, but his brain is the same size " " pika pika"
greatmatch.wav: ASH " This is gonna be a GRREEEAAATT pokemon match! "
brockinlove.wav: brock is in love with a poster mermaid(again)"pikachu!"
liketheseel.wav: ash likes the seel. Misty knows he would
sweetalk.wav: "cut the sweetalk ash, you still owe me a bike" "pika pika chu!"
wahh.wav: Ash never got to taste the chocolate, now he wants peach
tired.wav: Ash is really tired of jigglypuff's song
careforme.wav: Ash thanks pikachu for caring about him, but its togepi, to his suprise
confusion.wav: psyduck uses confusion, and misty get really happy.
nappy.wav: Misty: sleepy togepi.....time for your nap....toge.....pi.....( VERY CUTE!)
mysteries.wav: brock:eve, whatre we waiting for, lets get outside and solve that mystery, heh heh heh heh! eve: brock sure loves mysteries Ash: he loves something!

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