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Group sounds!

Aho hoy! Here are some sounds that have many people in em' or have 2 or more pokemon im them. SO here they are, Happy downloading!!!

Group Sounds!!!

pikaaww.wav: Pikachu saying pika- then ash, brock, and misty go aww
squirtlepika.wav: sqirtle goes rrrrrr, pikachu goes piiiiii,this goes on for about 10 seconds with a western cowboy twist ; )
staticbolt.wav: ash tells pikachu to do thundershock, but then he remembers to let paras win, so he says to just do a little static bolt. the pikachu is confused and does what ash says
stubborn.wav: misty says the all of ash's pokemon are all stubborn like him. them pikachu says "chu?" ..
evolve.wav: a "char char char char char meeeeeeellll- then he evolves into charizard. the ash says" whoah charizard"( very long i suggest you do something constuctive while downloading.
mistything.wav: brock" i think its just a girl thing" ash " i think its just a misty thing" BAM!
jumped.wav: pikachu, bulbasaur, and vulpix beat up some pokemon real good.
teamwork.wav: geodude, pikachu, onix, magmar, charizard, and togepi work together to put rocks in front of the lava to save them all. then togepi almost falls off but misty saves it. ( whew )
allpoke.wav: all of ash's misty's and brock's pokemon come out to play on kids day!
watchout.wav: togepi wants to go in the pool, but pikachu stops it, but pika falls in anyway.
cutee.wav: misty's sister says" hi cutee!" to togepi but misty says no to take togepi, but they can take psyduck if they want it.
whereareyou.wav: Ash, Misty,Brock, and Pikachu look for Togepi

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