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Here are the pix, you wanted them, you got em!


house1: casa de simpson
house2: good shot of house
bart jig: bart dancin like no tommorow
marge stuck: marge is stuck in the doorway!
couch: the couch
kitchen: good shot of kitchen
homercake: Homer tasting cake
barthymn: bart handing out hymns
homerpump: homer with smashing pumpkins
homerdance: homer in 3-d world dancing
lisasax: lisa playing sax
homersquid: homer as a squid
lisabubble: lisa in bubble
familywierd: a wierd version of family
family: regular version
simplogo: that normal one
margefat: marge with candies in her coat
lisajunk: lisa blowing junk out of sax
lisastate: lisa and ralph as states
familyeat: ye old Simpson family eating breakfast
homercrazy: homer is crazy!
homeralien: homer with alien
homermow: homer mowing lawn in dress
moeshamu: moe and lackeys with shamu

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