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Ahoy hoy again! here are the links to sites I like and are the sites that i have credit to for pictures, etc etc. so here thay are, nuff said.


WytWolf's Pokemon Sound Page: i let him use some of my sounds and he took 9 of them. he also has good original sounds.
the pokemon picture archive: the best and biggest picture page i have ever seen! i used some of the page's pic on my site. worth a visit.
bulbasaur's mysterious garden: a really good site and it is run by about 10 or more people. updated daily, worth a visit!
wes's lost cave of simpsons, southpark, and pikachu: my main site
benson yee's site: the beast beast wars site in the world!!
the lukis brothers transformers page: great site, has great info and alterations to the toys.
beast wars collector: great info on the BW toys. undated daily.
gamesages: cheat codes for every single game out there. HUGE!

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