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Here are all the NEW pokemon Music Videos seen at the end of the new episodes! my fvorite is the viridian city one since its just so darn catchy! Well here they are!!!!


mybestfriends.wav: the my best friends music video ( 1.2 MB )
viridiancity.wav: the first pokemon music video i saw. The viridian city one. ( 1.2MB )
doubletrouble.wav: the Team Rocket Music Video, the one that has the " TEAM ROCKET ROCKETS! thing saying." not the one from jigglypuff song. (1.2MB)
2bamaster.wav: the To Be a Master pokemon music video. the one with the " na na na na na na nas" ( 1.2 MB )
together4eva.wav: the pokemon music video about ash and pikachu being together. (1.2 MB)