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Other Sounds!

ok, here are the other sounds that don't seem to go anywhere in the page. here they are for your downloading pleasure, Enjoy!

Other Sounds!

jenny jenny.wav: officer jenny explains why she is in veridian city, sunnytown, and other cities
pokepop.wav: the pokeball pop
ring ring.wav: the phone goes" ring ring ring , ring ring ring, phone call phone call!
mybestfriends.wav: the my best friends pokemon music video ( 1.2 mb )
viridiancity.wav: the viridian city pokemon music video. (1.2 mb)
doubletrouble.wav: the team rocket pokemon misic video (1.2 mb)
2bamaster.wav: the 2 be a master pokemon music video.( the one with the na na na na na na's) (1.2mb)
lamejoke.wav: blaine tells a lame joke about the volcano badge and then when he's done togepi laughs
airheads.wav: misty's sisters tell ash about what they do other that run the gym, the do that airhead girl laugh
brokeit.wav: That alien guy breaks a joystick, then clefairy and jigglypuff do a pokemon version of"oooooooo..."

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