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Created: November 16th...KNIKKAS BIRTHDAY!

Published: NOV. 19th, 12.22 AM

Updated: 4-5-02

Welcome all to my little receptacle of the Internet known as my picture site. Sure it’s not pretty, sure the pictures are nice and pixel-y, sure a lot of it doesn’t make sense, but it’s mine! A lot of time goes into this website, accompanied by only the most state-of-the-art equipment. My arsenal of equipment includes my $10.00 Kodak Palmpix camera for the Palm m105, and the shining bright sun. So sit back, relax, and get ready for a lot of clicking, head scratching, and hostile feelings toward Wesley.

Some wonderful artwork from Karen

Quote of the month: “It’s Crotch-tacular!” John, in front of Vortex

The camera: A Replacement Kodak Palmpix camera hooked onto the end of my palm m105 palm pilot.

The purpose: to provide for an archive of those days where you wish there was a camera. Pictures also make effective barganing chips...hehe


<<Picture count: 218!>>

Look at the Palm Pilot Drawings!! HERE!






Nakedchick.jpg: A father daughter moment

The story: During spirit week, I was put in charge of drawing 16 hieroglyph chicks that were on our gateway poster. After the task was done, someone commented that they were “Naked.” So basically I created or “fathered” 16 naked chicks and plastered them on our gateway poster. I forgot who “Mothered” them (colored the suckers in) but it was either Donna or Robin, but what does it matter, they all turned out beautiful! After we won 1st place in gateway posterage, Cliff commented “Dude, your naked chicks won!” They did, they went out into the world, grabbed it by the horns, and came out on top. They didn’t crumble, they didn’t lay down and die, they were strong, they weren’t petrified, they SURVIVED!!

Closenakedchick.jpg:   I think she has her father’s eyes.


These pictures are from my family trip to Reno, where the Hilton’s DDR machine was 50 cents, and I entered my first DDR tornament! What a way to get over DDR lent!

                Ooosnow.jpg: taken from the car, the snow up in the high sierras, which I didn’t go to.

                Reno.jpg: Instead, I went here, amongst the 2nd hand smoke, gambling, and old people in Hawaiian shirts.

                Morerenosign.jpg: I just like this sign, that’s all. “Biggest little city in the world” I think that’s pretty clever.

                Peppermill.jpg: This place had a bunch of flashing lights, and the best island themed -buffet ever. IT RAINED IN THERE!

                Adisgrace.jpg:  HILTON BOWLING! I think this reads my sisters score: 83, my score: 59. Yea, I suck okay?

                Bowlingfreak.jpg: I don’t know what my sister did, but I think it helped her win.

                Bowlingscores.jpg: Sister’s score, 73,  my score, 45. Yes, I definitely think it helped.

                Ddrtourney.jpg: This is at the Atlantis’s arcade, a DDR USA tournament, I think this guy won 2nd. He lives in Reno!! GAH!! HE SHOULD BE DISQUALIFIED!

                Moreddrtourney.jpg: Well at least that day, every single arcade machine was free because the Atlantis had some sort of opening day party. Oh yea, I placed like 10th out of 17 in the tournament.

                Booyeah.jpg: this place also had a brand-spanking new DDR 5th mix machine, it worked soooo well. It was shiny too!

                Mommy.jpg: my mom told me that I should be glad I still have a mom who is “sexy.” “Okay” I replied. 

                Bananainn.jpg: upon closer inspection this says “Bonanza Inn” Hey, I can dream can’t I?

                Sleepysister.jpg: My sister, sleeping, like always on our 5 hour road trips.

                Happysister.jpg: my sister, happy, not like always on our 5 hour road trips.

<<School stuff and the Christine files!>>

…and she says she doesn’t have enough pictures here!

                Thehappycouple.jpg: For those who don’t know, Mr. Bernal came back to Fremont for 2 days with his wife. They look so happy!

                Bigshowandashow.jpg:  In 3rd period we used to call him Big Show. Doing the exponent dance is Christine, Jade, Joletta, and Rachel.

                Christinestudiesveryhard.jpg: you can see it in her face, every synapse in her brain is overclocking to strive for academic excellence!

                Satstudieschristine.jpg: here I tried my hand at spy-filming, I don’t think it worked.

                Raresight.jpg: A very rare sight in Guitar class.  John, PLAYING A GUITAR! WHOA! j/k…haha

                wonglisa.jpg: Mr. Wong, playing with John’s pen, and Lisa, smiling. Wow, in the same picture!

                Kill.jpg: something I conjured up while threatening John. 

                Satchristine.jpg: It’s S.A.T. not Christine sat and stared at a book.

                Beafraid.jpg: something I created while threatening Stefanie Navarro. It had to do with chickens.

                Evilchuchu.jpg: My sister’s “Chu Chu” and a pair of scissors. Also meant to threaten Stefanie. The DDR find is in the background!

                Samantha.jpg: Samantha Tan apparently didn’t know that this was a camera.

                Badminton.jpg: it IS a sport dang-nabbit!

<<Holy Spirit Retreat!>>

On the weekend of March 17th, 18th and 19th my 2nd year confirmation class and I went up to Occidental for a religious retreat complete with praying, food, fresh air, and dancing…you heard me. Also it was a nice opportunity to heckle Christine for a while. 

                Danielpeeks.jpg: my friend Daniel peeks through the seat hole. The featured movie was “Hardball” starring Keanu Reeves, lil’ Romeo and lil’ Bow Wow.

                Christineinthedark.jpg: oddly enough, this picture has nothing to do with Christine. It’s the cabin 11 guys and I stayed in complete with ikea-like beds, and a heater that goes up to 90. (We tested it)

                masses.jpg: One of the many many congregations we had in the chapel/dininghall. The ants there looked like O0O< they were that big.

                Virgilnchristine.jpg: this is Virgil on the left and Christine just sitting there looking at something. Virgil has got to be the funniest shy Filipino boy I’ve ever met.

                Rufflesandawrestler.jpg: Christine, yet again, and Chris, fooling around with their nice shiny nametag things.

                Paulo.jpg: hey look, its Paulo.

                Carolynandbryan.jpg: I’m not exactly sure what their doing, but their having fun. Bryan is on the bottom by the way. 

                Bryan.jpg: about 2 seconds after that picture before, that’s why his hands are in that particular area. 

                Godsentertainer.jpg: I’ve seen this guy so many times, but I still don’t know his name.

                Theothersideofvirgil.jpg: I swear I didn’t take this picture. Bryan did. You hear me Christine?? BRYAN!!

                Idontknowwhothisis.jpg: I don’t know who this is, BRYAN took this picture.

                Leaders.jpg: ok, 2 of these people are leaders, and the girl on the far left is my cousin Nicole.

                Sameleaders.jpg: The same people, just sitting down. Sorry if its blurry, BRYAN took the picture.

                Christinebball.jpg: I had like 3 really funny pictures of her, but she deleted them all…so here’s what’s left.

                Moreleaders.jpg: This picture is really blurry, but it was during the traditional leader dedication thing.

                Jupiters.jpg:  The Jupiter group, headed by Paulo and Christine. I should have taught that girl how to use the zoom.

                Krystleatthereins.jpg: Krystle Enriquez, at the head of the bus, leading.


Ok, I admit, I LIKE CUTTING UP CATS FOR MENTAL ENRICHMENT!! ITS FUN!!! Yea, so I took some pictures of my cat, Felix, to commemorate the occasion. Isobel got into it too.

                Felix.jpg: We named our cat Felix, everyone else called him a football. Here he’s complete with tagging. Awww…

                Felixinnards.jpg:  Luckily, our cat had the prettiest innards in the whole class. Look, their so nice and colorful!

                Iso_cutecat.jpg: I think that’s the digastricus, masseter, and the sternohyoideus. Aww ky0ote!

                Iso-catinlab.jpg: ooo that’s pretty. 

                Iso_lab_cat.jpg:  miraculously, they accidentally cut the sternum apart in half, but still managed to score a 24, a 96%.

                Lab_cat_iso.jpg:  looks like the cat spit up on itself.

<<On a completely unrelated topic…>>

ok these pictures just strike me as weird


                pimpmeisterjulius.jpg: John’s bunny, complete with “pimp wear” so it can pimp on them bunnies with style!

                Pinkfuzzybunny.jpg: How long can Lisa take consolation in that pink item of security? Not long, because it’s just a head now. <sorry, no picture of head>

                patty.jpg: she stares off into space…..just staring

                drink.jpg: my sister, looking very relaxed as she sips a delicious pearl beverage.

                Peekaboo.jpg: It’s alright John, come out and play! We won’t hurt you!


                pandanacactus.jpg: Look! A PANDA… AND …A CACTUS!!! That cactus’s name is Orlando!

                Birthdaylunch.jpg: Peey, Donna, Lisa, and a very blurry Isobel eating lunch on LISAS BIRTHDAY!!

                Lisaknixcake.jpg: Two girls, two cakes, both using BRAWNY PAPER TOWELS!! BIGGER and WHITER!!

                Kareninawe.jpg: It’s like Karens never seen a camera before.

                Karendidntdoit.jpg: This has to be the most innocent looking picture of Karen I’ve ever seen.

                Shawnshead.jpg: another wonderful installment of “The Back of Shawn’s Head” series.

                Stankaren.jpg: CaPTioN TyMe!!: Stan: “Karen there are paper towels right here!” Karen: “Mmmmmm….”

                Racheltouchcake.jpg: an inquisitive Rachel gently touches the remnants of Lisa’s fantabulous confection!

<<Everything else!!>>

There’s actually a few more pictures left, hoo-wah!

                Peonypavilion.jpg: I was almost tempted to borrow this DVD. Then I found out I have a $10.00 fine on my library card. I give it 2 years, it’ll go down to $5.00.

                toni.jpg: I never noticed how much Toni looks like Knikka until now….wow.  Krispy Kreme 4 ever!!!!

                Toniscured.jpg: And then she figured out I had a camera.

                Knikkalooksthere.jpg: Lisa took this picture…I just put it up. Don’t hurt me!!! Please!!!

                Thedancethatneverwas.jpg: Well, international week turned out pretty nice anyways.


                Lisascured.jpg: Taken during a fire drill, the apparent animal magnetism of that guy is making Lisa cringe in fear.

                Donnalooksdown.jpg: Donna looks down…..and that Knix in the background. THE LAST PICTURE!!!!!





When friends punch each other!

                        Lunchpunch.jpg:  Christine chucks Lisa’s chin a bit too hard. Notice how I’m behind the table…






When Friends fall asleep!

                        Donnatired.jpg: during Spanish class (Schwalbe thinks we’re a couple) Donna nods off on poppycock overdose.

                        Lisatiredeyes.jpg: Lisa falls asleep during Lunch one day. I thought the girl sleeps at 9PM.

                        Alaneyesclosed: Allen Nicholson, not exactly sleeping, but his eyes are closed.

The back of people’s heads!

                        Backofalanshead: The back of Allen’s head during Spanish class.

                        Alanaxel.jpg: Two of the best in Spanish, going head to head with an all Spanish knowledge-athon.

                        Shawnconfused.jpg: Shawn, dazed and confused during free 6th.

Lots of fun stuff!

                        Palmcrash.jpg: My palm pilot finally crashed one night, erasing all my pictures. This is pretty much what it looked like.

                        Bananaonthefloor: I think Isobel has some weird impulse to take pictures of me eating on the floor.

                        Hobounderthetable: see……

                        Doggie.jpg:  Me and my cousin’s 3-month old Yorkshire puppy, Princeton. He’s a lot bigger now though.

                        Bhairavi.jpg: Bhairavi during our arctic night tennis escapades. This picture scared me first time I saw it.

                        Whacktheshawn.jpg: a pre-occupied Shawn receiving a beat down from Jackie Chan (me).

                        Jackiechanmoves.jpg: Me trying my hand at the lightning fast moves of Jackie Chan.

                        Flowergirls.jpg: This picture ranks among my favorites. Peony and Donna were made to be flower girls!

                        Hehepeony.jpg: Peony smiling and looking at the floor. I think Shawn is in the back somewhere..

                        Donnaoffers.jpg: Donna offers cake during Robin’s B-day party at school. Also another faceless picture of Robin.

                        Christine.jpg: Christine, listening to something… She said that I didn’t have enough pictures of her…

                        Christinecloser.jpg: If you couldn’t get enough of Christine…here she is….again.

                        Robincake.jpg: Robin’s double chocolate fudge-y cake. Notice Knikka’s hand picking at what’s left.

                        Tada.jpg: Karen and Donna say: “Tada!”

                        Seekarensjacket.jpg: See Karen’s jacket? Es muy festivo, verdad? 

                        Stigmataboy.jpg: Jason, dressed up in a bedsheet, bleeding soy sauce from his wrists. 

                        Thislookswrong.jpg: A miracle gone horribly, horribly wrong.

                        Grandmiracle.jpg: IT’S A MIRACLE! I CAN SEE AGAIN!!

                        Guitarclass.jpg: Tommy and Jeff Larson, doing something during guitar class.

                        Lisa decided to take some pictures of me without a guitar, then dreaming about a guitar, then finally having a guitar.

                        Lisastares.jpg: Lisa stares at something during guitar class.

                        Istareback.jpg: I stare back in unparalleled awe.

                        Ddr.jpg:  a first attempt at taking a picture of the TV. I think it turned out pretty well.

                        Stan.jpg:  Good Ole’ Stan, always there to help.

                        Terrence.jpg: Terrence….something… in my Spanish and US history class. I’m sure you know him.

                        Thelook.jpg: When Lisa gives me the look, its bad enough….when they team up...AHG!

                        Crazy.jpg: What was in this picture escapes my mind right now…I’m sure its crazy though.

                        Dennys.jpg: Bhairavi, Kn!x, Don Don, Karen, and Pee in Denny’s. I didn’t know Donna could eat that much food!

                        Atthetaquilla.jpg: Us in line at the ticket window at Century. Karen, Ron, Savannah, and Lisa. A Walk to Remember= good movie.

                        Lisakarenron.jpg: In the movie theater, Lisa, Karen, and Ronald. It’s dark, so that’s why everyone is green.

                        Wplikenightvision.jpg: Me and Peony in the theater. It’s like night vision……oooo…..

                        Everyoneelse.jpg: Everyone else that went that Friday. Savannah, Joanne, Robin….

                        Afterwards.jpg: After we got out, we just kinda stood there for a while in a big circle.

                        Thumbsup.jpg: Robin and Lisa…THUMBS UP!!!

                        Igotorange.jpg: I GOT THE ORANGG GUMBaLL! AHHG! JOHN IS NOT THE ONLY ONE CURSEd!!

                        Myrooms.jpg: One side of my room. The desk, my Hawaiian name, the crap on my desk…

                        Wesleyonthehorizon.jpg: AHOY! WESLEY ON THE PORT BOW!!

                        Whatstoreisthis.jpg: What could a store like this possibly sell? It’s in the mall.

                        Somepmpeople.jpg: The hardworking staff at Papa Murphy’s Pizza on Mowry.

WHEW! Finally!


Stuff from my family’s Christmas Eve party, and other stuff!!

                        Xmaseveleft.jpg: That’s my sister and some of my cousins in this picture….the other side of the room was too dark.

                        Xmasevedad.jpg: When all this was happening, this is what my dad was doing. 

                        Titolk.jpg: My Tito LK lounging around in a chair.

                        Dad.jpg: now that I think about it, taking this picture was kinda mean. Most people find him scary.

                        Alanjanice.jpg: Cousin Alyson and cousin Janice.

                        Tree.jpg: Our Christmas tree as of yesterday. Yes, we burn our tree…an odd tradition really.

                        Meandasquirrel.jpg: Ok, the squirrel wasn’t a live squirrel, but it was fun to play with.

                        Seeyoudohaveapicture.jpg: see Christine, you DO have a picture on this site.

                        Exciteathome.gif: Dance Aquaman DANCE!! I made this out of pure boredom….


<< The Palmpix Camera Memorial >>

Somewhere after Bhairavi’s birthday, my palmpix camera died. It lasted for about 2 months, and took all the pictures that you see here except the new ones. This small section is dedicated to the burial I had for it. (I had to send it back) This section and everything after this time is taken with his replacement camera, Palmpix camera 2.0. Today, the Airborne express lady came to my house and took him away, back to the factory. Rest in piece Palmpix……

                        1camera.jpg: The last picture taken of Palmpix when he was alive and well.

                        Bender.jpg: Palmpix’s best friend Bender, paying his respects.

                        1homereva.jpg: Homer and EVA 01 paying their respects.

                        Kennychef.jpg: Kenny and Chef, the keepers of coins, paying their respects.

                        1friends.jpg: When Palmpix was alive, he had many friends.

                        1drunk.jpg: Sometimes Palmpix had a bit too much to drink.

                        1skating.jpg: He enjoyed such activities such as skateboarding ever so much.

                        1burialclothing.jpg: The formal clothing he was buried in.

                        1layingtorest.jpg: I had to do the job of stripping his favorite battery out of him and putting him in the coffin.

                        1farewell.jpg: When the procession was over.


                        0hapicchistmas.jpg: Donna and Karen during the gift exchange…….yea its blurry, I know.

                        AHH.jpg: AHH!! DONNA!!!! (she’s gonna hurt me for this one)

                        attack.jpg: Yes that’s me and a live squirrel in my aunt’s back yard.

                        Stilltrying.jpg:  Me still trying to catch the squirrel.

                        touch.jpg: after quite a struggle, I caught it. Yay.

                        Aww.jpg: Peony and I……..aww…..

                        banana.jpg: Donna had these tiny little fuji bananas…..they were so cute!

                        BMWal.jpg: My cousin Alyson and my sister driving our uncle’s $55,000 BMW X5.

                        BMWalclose.jpg: A closer shot of Al driving the BMW. Yes, we are in a cemetery…less people to run over…

                        BMWwes.jpg: ME driving the BMW, o man was it fun. (Edit: that’s actually a picture of Karen…too lazy to fix)

                        chocolategirl.jpg: Knikka got chocolate for Christmas…yess……….

                        Guitar.jpg: Shawn took this picture during 6th period. Peony wasn’t around, and Anita also wasn’t around (hint)

                        imdrivingaBMW.jpg: in the words of John Le “ASIAN!!! Or a really bad Verizon commercial.” That’s me and uncle.

                        Karenwaves.jpg: THAT’S the picture of Karen.

                        Knikkapoints.jpg: Knikka’s either pointing at something or giving Christina a really funny look.

                        Kyla.jpg: My 2 year old cousin, Kyla playing with Alyson’s Rubix cube. AWWW!!!!! Her cheeks are so pinchable.

                        Peonyandkaren.jpg:  BEST FRIENDS 4EVA!!!!!! Hehe it’s a cute pic.

                        Schwalbe.jpg: Spanish Teacher extraordinare!! Mrs. Schwalbe!! I don’t know what drove me to take this picture…

                        Visors_rule.JPG: John and his Visor Platinum.

                        Gangsta.jpg:  Lisa……um…..FAR EAST SIDE??!!!

                        Lisaswrapping.jpg: Lisa wrapping a present, in ghetto wrapping paper.

                        Wrapping.jpg: That’s me, wrapping in ghetto wrapping paper. It was 3rd period, we had to wrap with AHS Express.

                        Lisatouchedyou.jpg: Lisa touching John. Oh the emotion in this picture!!! It’s brimming with emotion!!

                        Mccartsclass.jpg: Ms. Mc Cart’s class, 15 or 16 people, 5 guys. I don’t know whats going on in this pic.

                        Oooagift.jpg: Lisa got a gift…oooo. Isobel stares in awe.



                        bharaviandpeony.jpg  : Bharavi’s school party, that’s her standing next to Peony

                        cutthecake.jpg : There WAS a picture of the cake, but Knikka ate it….hehe. Peony’s cutting the cake, and Donna is over there….not helping.. 

                        lisaandtoni.jpg : Peony’s party…that’s Lisa and TONI!!!

                        paparazzi.jpg : These camera people. THEY WON’T LEAVE ME ALONE!!

                        noridehome.jpg : Happi House…when we found out we had no way to get home.