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Here are the pikachu sounds, these are the most of any kind of sounds I have. My personal favorite is the pikachu sounding like bulbasaur. anyways, they're all here for your dowloading pleasure. Enjoy!

The Pika sounds

kaa.wav: pikachu saying kaaa!
happypika.wav: pikachu saying Pika! Pika!
kikachu.wav: Pikachu saying pikachu sadly with crying in the background
pika.wav: PIkachu saying "pika" plainly
pikachu1.wav: ash saying "we better hurry" then pika says pikachu
pikachu pika pika.wav: pikachu says pikachu tiredly, then PIKA PIKA
pikachu song.wav: the band of pikachu sings thier song
pika pi pikachu.wav: pikachu yells pika pi pikachu like it's scared
pika pika pika pi.wav: pikachu is happy and say pika pika pika pika pi?
pi pikachu pikachu pika.wav: pikachu, and a baby pikachu talk to each other
pika pika cheer.wav: "PIKACHU PIKACHU PIKACHU PIKACHU"!!!
pikatalk.wav: pikachu talks lots o' gibbersh
pikading.wav: ash got what pikachu was trying to say, and pikachu says PIKA!
pikapower.wav: 7 pikachu say pika pika chu chu! pika pika chu chu!
pikamob.wav: pikachu calls his mob with a "pika pika" and they show up and zap team rocket
pikasings.wav: misty is teaching jigglypuff how to sing, and pikachu sings"pika pika pika pi
pikabulb.wav: pikachu tries to say something about bulbasaur
ketchup.wav: pikachu happily laps up ketchup
pikapika.wav: pikachu run to ash after escaping the rocket box.
eternalstruggle.wav: pikachu hangs on the edge of the gym over a pool of lava. his eternal struggle to get up.
pipika.wav: pikachu is very confused
bath.wav: pikachu is taking a sponge bath. ( finally, no more stinky pika 8^D )
goodblast.wav: Pikachu does a very GOODBLAST on cerulian pool
chu.wav: CHUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( jessie laughs in background)
powerup.wav: pikachu gets hit with a hammer, and powers up the clefairy rocket
pikatogepi.wav: pikachu is being splashed by togepi!
pikatwo.wav: (whoops this really should be in the team rocket page, but) jessie: full speed ahead for pikachu times two! AYE AYE!
pipikachu.wav: pikachu is worried about a glowing spoon next to him

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