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Pokemon Sounds!!!!

Ahoy hoy! Here are the pokemon sounds other than meowth an pikachu since they spun off into thier own pages. there is a bunch of koffing and ekans and other pokemon i wanted to record. anyways have fun downloading!!!!!!

Pokemon Sounds!!!!!

babasaur.wav: a little interlude with Bulbasaur
syye.wav: syduck and misty fight a cloyster
char char charmander.wav: charmander pops out of the ball, says char char, then says charmander.
squirtle squirtle.wav: a little word from squirtle!
charyawn.wav: charmander yawns "cccchhhhaaaarrrrr"
koffstew.wav: koffing gets boiled up by pikachu and screams like a kettle
goldeen.wav: goldeen goldeen goldeen goldeen
koff ekan.wav: koffing and ekans walk by a door and say"koffing!" "Ekanz"
koffing.wav: koffing rises from the ball and says koffing
chansey.wav: chansey goes "chansey!"
parasparas.wav: "paras paras paras" i think paras has an accent
jigglesong.wav: jigglypuff(or jiggypuff as i call it) sings a song
bulbasong.wav: the bulbasaur sing their very favorite song
venasaur.wav: "VENASAUR! VENASAUR!"(stomp)"ivysaur"
farfetch.wav: farfetch'd hits meowth on the head with his stick and then laughs
psyball.wav: psyduck pops out of his ball and then walks around very confused.
psyduck.wav: misty asks psyduck a lot of questions and he answers them all with a "psyduck" and then misty yells at psyduck for not thinking straight.
charmeleon.wav: a lot of transisitonal music then a "charmeleon!"
jigglemad.wav: jiggly puff finishes its song and then it says" jiggly puff puff!" it pulls out its pen, inflates and says "puff!"
psy.wav: its psyduck!
clefairy.wav: the clefairy uses its metronone
staryu.wav: HEYA!!
seel.wav: seel claps and then misty's sister says" which side are you clapping for?"
squirtlefun.wav: 3 squrtles are very happy! ( taken from pokemon snap )
koffjiggly.wav: koffing just keeps bugging the jigglypuff! ( taken from pokemon snap )
jynx.wav: the jynx say " jynx, and clap alot "
jiggysong.wav: the jigglypuff song but without the background music (taken from pokemon snap )
bulba.wav: the bulbasaurs are happy! ( taken from pokemon snap )
duck.wav: psyduck makes a fool of himelf at the mermaid show.
jigglypuff.wav: jigglypuff gives a clefairy a nice how-do-you-do?
madatyou.wav: jigglypuff and clefairy are mad at each other
puffsong.wav: jigglypuff waddles along singing her song
yea.wav: pidgeotto, squirtle, pikachu, and bulbasaur cheer!
pikatogepi.wav: togepi splashes pikachu happily in the water!
psyfreak.wav: psyduck freaks out because theres a shellder clamped to his tail!
psypoke.wav: psyduck and slowbro have an interesting conversation
puff.wav: PUFF!! (from bigglypuff)
puka.wav: pikachu and puka "pika it up together!"
slash.wav: slash slash slash, from a sandslash
shellder.wav: SHELLDER!
toge.wav: TOGE TOGE TOGE!! pi! from TOGEPI!
slobro.wav: "Slowbro" (sent to me from Matt Taylor Ayatollah Of Alcohola! THANK YOU THANK YOU MATT!"

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