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Team Rocket Sounds!

Ahoy Hoy again! here aremy Team Rocket Sounds and most of them are things you wouldn't expect from a normal sound page. The " prepare for trouble" theme isn't here for starters. anyways HAPPY DOWNLOADING!

Team Rocket Sounds!!

gonna have a picnic.wav: meowth say "yea yea were gonna have a picnic!!"
cruel and unusual.wav: meowth saying "this is cruel and unusual!"
want a donut.wav: James wants a donut so bad
rocketsings.wav: jesse james and meowth get tired of thier motto, and sing a song which sounds preety good (even if they sung it themselves.) when done downloading, decrease the speed by 100% in sound recorder.
jessielaugh.wav: Jessie laughs evilily
ouch.wav: team rocket falls out of the sky and hits the ground.Jessie says ouch
meowth.wav: " meowth can handle anything" chuuuu!!! " except a thundershock from da pikachu".
golick.wav: jessie brings out the lickitung.
hurtya.wav: meoth gloats about " back off banana boy or i'll have to hurt ya" then BAM!
magmarita.wav: jessie says that they 're going to have a pok-sickle, and james says they're going to have a frozen magmarita!
meow.wav: "MEOWTH!!" ( taken from pokemon snap )
kidsday.wav: james remembers about kids day " kids day, thats the day i waited for all year long....WHEEHEHUH!"
mensclothes.wav: Jessie and James gloat about how good they can steal water pokemon, and mens clothes
lightbulbasaur.wav: James" hey Jess, It's a light-bulbasaur" HEHHEHRUHURURHU!
nobadgeforyou.wav: Ash wants his earth badge, but he gets an insult from Jessie instead.
freakmeowth.wav: meowth freaks out because he gets rejected from meowsie...again
powerhungry.wav: jessie and james say stuff like: the number one nacho, or the top tamale, the king quesedia, to meowths shame.
rocketalphabet.wav: T is for prepare for trouble! D is for make it double!
rocketdex.wav: the team rocket pokedex!
meowthsong.wav: meoth sings a song about himself, (the one in the meowsie episode)
freaky.wav: james freaks out because hes not having fun, then he finds shellder

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