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AHOY HOY! welcome to my humble page of stuff. this stuff is stuff that has no use on the page, so i stick it here. they are animations that i made and i think they are pretty darn good eh? well, if you want to use them, give me a holler on the e-mail and i'll give permission. just dont be a touchen im without my permission ya hear!! i'll eventually find out. anyways enjoy!!!!!!!!

Deck the Psyduck with santa's cloo-oothes fa la la la la la la la la!
hey look its bulbasaur, oh, wheres he going?
hey pikachu! oh, be careful!
bulba versus pika battle!
Go psyduck, Go psyduck, Go psyduck, Go....oww that must hurt.

look, its the ball! oh, whats coming out of it?

look, its the wacky pokeball, it just wont stop! its a dancing fool!

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