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What's New pikachu?

5/2/00: well, I got sick again and FINALLY another update for all the episodes i missed from the time ash got home to the start of the pokemon league, also the opkemon league ones are coming up sooN! so there are 20 news sounds here!

4-8-00: Isn't it obvious? well, for the utmost non smart ones out there, NEW LAYOUT!!! WAHAHAHA! this is the start of more updates and nicer layout! so the new sounds upto the start of the pokemon league are comming soon, beware....

12-23-99: MORE SCHOOL!! WAHHH!!! OK I lied in the last update, but I am getting a 56k modem soon, since my old one won't let me upload. Enjoy the new psyduck animation, and MERRY CHRISTMAS! ( about 20 episodes or more to add sounds to.) P.S.: MERRY CHRISTMAS ( heh, I love christmas 8^))

10-17-99: SCHOOL! WAH! School takes up too much time, but expect new sounds soon. Also changed quote of the month and added a dancing psyduck to animation page. Also i am going to fix all the broken links.

9-22-99: added music to all the pages so you can listen to music, while downloading it! 8^)

9-22-99: well, im sick so that means LOTS OF TIME TO RECORD NEW SOUNDS!!!!! now there are 33 new sounds!!! the pokemon music videos have thier own page so do the ash misty and brock sounds! So the sounds from the New episodes are usually at the end or towards the end! YEEE HAH!

9-6-99: WAHOO! THE SOUND CARD IS FIXED! the new sounds from saturdays episode is here soo check all the sections. also,4 of the music videos are here! they are all roughly 1.2 megs, so wait a while.

9-1-99: WAHHHHH!!! SCHOOL!!!! again. starting tommorow its school time....whoopee..... the good news is that my sound card is getting fixed LABOR DAY! whoopee! Bad news.....i dont get out of school until 4:30. soo i might miss the new pokemon. but i will find a way! i always do! so new sounds are coming soon!

9-1-99: Changed quote of the month if you hadn't noticed.

8-27-99: added a nice bulasaur animation to the stuff page. its like a little movie!

8-26-99: added a pikachu animation to stuff page.

8-25-99: added stuffages page. it has my pokemon GIF animations. i thinks they 're pretty neat. check it out!

8-20-99: 5000 hits!!! WHEE!

8-16-99: replaced guestbook with a new faster one! ENJOY!

8-16-99: added a picture of me. EWWWW!!

8-12-99: Added Guestbook!!!! WHEE!!

8-10-99: MAJOR overhaul on the site today. I made this page fom one to 5 page site today if you hadn't noticed. added pikachu page, pokemon page, others page, teamrocket page, and this page. also i have found out that my sound card/driver won't be fixed until september ( grrr ). Once i do get it fixed i will immediatley update this page. also i will record the new music video shown last saturday if you don't know about it. Also changed quote of the month!

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